We are pleased to offer a number of workshop options at Equip Study Conference 2017. Please check back on this page frequently as we continue to add new topics and speakers.

TED-style talks


Bringing Joy to the Spiritual DisciplinesKyle Meeker




Developing a Culture of Prayer in Your Church Phil Collins
Building a prayer culture demands leadership. Who should build the culture within a local church? There is talk about revival and 24/7 prayer movements, yet few churches are able to harness this enthusiasm. Pastor Phil Collins believes there is one leader who can change this. If the pastors lead, the church will follow; if the pastors pray, the church will pray. What then are the steps for building a strong prayer culture?

Phil Collins is the Senior Pastor of Willow Park Church in Kelowna. Phil and Michelle and their four children emigrated from the UK seven and half years ago. Phil’s previous roles include CEO for a National Arts missions agency, National Evangelist for Youth for Christ and the Senior Pastor at Chawn Hill Church in Stourbridge. Phil earned his Masters from Gloucestershire University in Leadership and Practical Theology.

4 Disciple-Making Paradigms

Paradigm 1 – Discipleship on Mission (MB Mission Paradigm) – Phil Wagler
MB Mission focuses every day on multiplying healthy disciples and missional leaders. We are convinced the church on mission depends on vibrant Christ-like discipleship sourced in the Spirit, rooted in team, life-on-life modelling by disciple-makers, understanding – not simply knowledge – of what is taught through experiential practice, and debriefing this practice to facilitate lasting life transformation.

Phil Wagler and his wife Jen have six children and live in Surrey, BC. Phil represents MB Mission where he has served in areas of training and mobilization since 2014. Prior to this time, Phil and Jen served in pastoral and Bible College ministries in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.

Paradigm 2 – Developing a Strategic Approach to Discipleship in the Church (MB Seminary Paradigm) – Randy Wollf
In this TED-style talk, we will look at a holistic process for making disciples that involves churches growing in 11 key areas. This strategic pathway of discipleship attempts to integrate a biblical view of discipleship, current best practices and an understanding of contemporary Canadian cultures.

Randy Wollf was a pastor, church planter and missionary for 20 years before taking on his current role as a leadership and practical theology professor at MB Seminary (Langley). He also directs MinistryLift, the seminary’s non-credit training arm. Randy, Lore and their four children attend South Langley MB Church.


Paradigm 3 – Disciple-Making Paradigm (VantagePoint3 Paradigm) – Rob Loane
It has been said that “the church in North America is 3000 miles wide and half an inch deep.” VantagePoint3 partners with leaders who recognize the need for discipleship to go deeper and are looking for ways to more fully develop the adults in their context. For more than 15 years, our VantagePoint3 Pathway has proven to invite a holistic discipleship and development. Our gripping concern: What sort of pathway and presence is required to invite a deeper discipleship and adult development?

Rob Loane serves with VantagePoint3, a ministry seeking to help people discover more deeply who God is, who they are and what God desires to do through them. He is co-author of Deep Mentoring: Guiding Others on Their Leadership Journey (InterVarsity, 2012). He and his family live in Sioux Falls, SD.

Paradigm 4 – Jean Milliken

Discipling the Mature BelieverIngrid Reichard
Many Christ-followers – and even church leaders – believe where they are with Jesus is all there is. Unaware that spiritual development follows discernable stages, their spiritual growth and that of their members may stall. There is power in understanding the stages from conversion, through early growth and Kingdom service, to a deepening Christ-centred life of shalom and blessing. With this knowledge, disciples and churches can become more intentional about growth and better equipped to facilitate it in others. Ingrid will outline the stages of Christian spiritual development and the growth needs at each stage, focusing on mature believers: those who have been Christ-followers for 25 years or longer and demonstrate spiritual maturity. She will share how Glencairn MB Church has implemented an effective model for deepening this group of disciples.

Ingrid Reichard’s ministry has always focused on the development and deepening of Christ’s followers. She served as a full time bible teacher and Executive Director of Solid Ground Bible Study Ministries, as a Lead Pastor of The Dwelling Place MB church, and is currently serving as the Pastor of Development at Glencairn MB church in Kitchener. Ingrid’s studies at Heritage Seminary and at MacMaster Divinity College centered on biblical studies with a focus on the Old Testament. Ingrid has a DMin (cand.) in Spiritual Formation from Tyndale, where she has also been trained as a spiritual director in the evangelical tradition. Ingrid and Scott have been married for 28 years and have two grown sons.

Knowing and Being Known – Discipleship and Millennials –  Jeremy Walker
Have you ever encountered the fear associated with genuine disclosure – either your own or someone else’s? At all stages of discipleship, increasing maturity requires us to engage in authentic relationships where we know and are known. To this end, Jeremy will explore the role of authenticity and how to create a culture of safety and accountability when engaging discipleship and millennials.

Jeremy Walker lives in Abbotsford, B.C., with his wife Christina and their three children. He has had the wonderful privilege of walking alongside young adults for 17 years and is a faculty member at Columbia Bible College where he directs the Quest program. Taking students into creation and fostering lifelong discipleship continue to be his driving passions.

Preaching to Transform, not to ModifyJeff Bucknam
What are the characteristics of preaching that packs a discipling punch? This short address will seek to convince us to abandon passionless, lightly applied and gospel-absent sermons for the sake of growing those the Lord has planted in our gardens.

Jeff Bucknam is the lead pastor of Northview Community Church in Abbotsford, B.C. He is a transplanted son of a Canadian mother: he grew up in the United States and arrived at Northview by way of New Zealand. He loves theology, a good discussion and several underperforming sports teams.

The 5 Catalysts of a Disciple-Making Small Group Randy Wollf
Are you interested in taking your small group ministry to the next level? Using current research involving 200 churches in several countries, we will explore five catalysts of disciple-making small groups that regularly see people accept Christ, increase in size and multiply into additional groups.

Randy Wollf was a pastor, church planter and missionary for 20 years before taking on his current role as a leadership and practical theology professor at MB Seminary (Langley). He also directs MinistryLift, the seminary’s non-credit training arm. Randy, Lore and their four children attend South Langley MB Church.


The Parable of the Backward Brain Bike – Paul Kroeker

Paul D. Kroeker works with the C2C Network as the National Intercultural Mobilizer. The focus of his assignment is to help raise the capacity within the C2C Network to effectively multiply disciples and churches among new Canadians and First Nations people. Paul and Arlene live in Winnipeg and have two adult children, Tamara and Cameron.






4 Skills to Help People Take Their Next Discipleship Step – Dr. Randy Wollf
In this workshop, we will learn and practice four skills for turning any conversation into a disciple-making opportunity in a natural, conversational way. The four skills are listening actively, asking excellent questions, focusing on what is most important and empowering people to take next steps.

Randy Wollf was a pastor, church planter and missionary for 20 years before taking on his current role as a leadership and practical theology professor at MB Seminary (Langley). He also directs MinistryLift, the seminary’s non-credit training arm. Randy, Lore and their four children attend South Langley MB Church.


Engaging Tough Discipleship QuestionsKate Reid
Discipleship is not always flowery, feel-good moments. As we engage in open, vulnerable relationships, we will sometimes experience confusion and pain. Together, let’s discuss effective strategies and resources, the big questions you’re facing and the role of the Holy Spirit, and spend time praying for those we are discipling.

Kate Reid’s life is fast paced! She loves spending time riding bike, baking, hiking and having people over. Kate shares her life with her husband Jordan and daughter Hadley. She has spent the last nine years in various roles at Camp Likely, the past four as camp director. Kate is a recent graduate of Columbia Bible College.

Growing Your Prayer Life – Heather Neufeld

Heather Neufeld is an active leader and volunteer in her community and she knows she was created for the pleasure and fruitfulness of her Heavenly Father. She experiences fruitful discipleship as she invests in relationships and gathering people for celebration. Her life-long interest and personal commitment are to practices that build and strengthen spiritual formation. Along with her husband Larry, she has served MB Mission in prayer resourcing. Heather looks forward to sharing the stories and practices that shape her prayers and her life in Christ.

Helping People Listen to GodSteve Klassen
Attend this workshop if you want to practice listening for God’s voice in your life. Five common ways of listening to God will be explored; listening through Scripture, listening to God at work around us in the circumstances of life, listening through our hearts, listening in silence and solitude, and listening to God in community. We will make space during this workshop to listen together and enjoy what unfolds as we do.

Steve Klassen and his wife, Evy, have given leadership to the MARK Centre ( from its inception. They believe that God speaks to people today in a variety of ways, and have written a collection of their stories in Your Ears Will Hear. They love to guide people in listening experiences and facilitate short retreats. Steve is a trained Spiritual Director and meets with individuals for monthly sessions. Steve speaks publicly, dramatizing stories from Mark that highlight God’s love for people. Steve and Evy have six children and a daughter-in-law.

Implementing an Effective Healing Discipleship Ministry in Your ChurchKen Dyck
Healing-discipleship is one of the most important and difficult ministries of the church. The people around us are more “broken” than we’re willing to admit: one in four women and one in seven men have been abused; the Christian divorce rate is around 25%; pornography, perfectionism, people-pleasing, depression, alcoholism, fear, and shame are all on the rise. Sermons, Bible studies, counselling, and even recovery programs are not enough. Learn critical lessons that will help you launch an effective healing-discipleship ministry that will transform the DNA of your church and offer hope to those you are called to serve.

Ken Dyck is the author of Freedom Session and Authentic Living and the executive director of Freedom Session International Ministries. He has served as a pastor for over 25 years and is currently the Pastor of Discipleship & Leadership Development at Village Church in Greater Vancouver. Ken has been married to Bonnie for 34 years and they enjoy spending time with their amazing adult children and spouses.

Make Disciples the Jesus Way in any Culture Trevor Godard
One reason we don’t see more disciples who act like Jesus is that we aren’t training them the way Jesus trained his 12. Along with the command to make disciples of all nations, Jesus said, “As the Father has sent me, I also send you.” The message of the incarnation is inextricably linked with the method. This workshop focuses on Jesus’ incarnational discipleship model: exploring Jesus’ key actions seldom found in disciple making today and how these methods have worked in Colombia and Mexico.

Trever Godard (with his wife Joan) are MB Mission workers and founding directors of the Matthew Training Center, Guadajalara, Mexico. After serving Youth for Christ in Saskatoon, they sensed the call to cross-cultural mission. Trever pursued a master of divinity in missions from MB Seminary, Fresno. The Godards’ first cross-cultural assignment (1987-2001) was starting the discipleship and training ministry MIJUCO (Youth Mission Colombia). They returned to Canada in 2001 to teach at Bethany College, Hepburn, Sask., where Trever was missions director. The Godards have served in Mexico since in 2005.

Pastoral Care as Discipleship through Life’s ChallengesGloria Woodland
Poet Robert Frost wrote, “the best way out is always through.” When others in the community of faith are going through life’s challenges, we as sojourners are called to come alongside and assist them. This presentation will focus on how to journey with those who are going through difficulty, so that our pastoral care facilitates their abiding in Christ, growing in faith and bearing of fruit.

Gloria Woodland is assistant professor of chaplaincy studies and spiritual care at MB Seminary and chaplaincy program director for ACTS Seminaries. In addition to her academic roles, she has had the privilege of presenting at national and international conferences. Passionate about spiritual care, Gloria believes that pastoral care within the community of faith strengthens disciples to abide and serve.

Practicing Hospitality: Making Your Home a Disciple-Making Hub Dennis & Mistin Wilkinson
Hospitality has been defined as making strangers into friends. Hospitality is built into the very fabric of what it means to be a Christian. When someone makes a stranger a friend, they welcome that new friend into a shared life. The result of hospitality is belonging, which opens the door for belief like nothing else can. Belonging happens in a place and through an experience. This workshop will explore the home as the most fertile ground for the transformation of strangers into friends and shared meals as this transformation’s greatest enhancer.

Dennis and Mistin Wilkinson love Jesus and are passionate about seeing God’s love spread through intentional living in the rhythms of everyday life. Their adventure of planting a church in downtown Vancouver’s West End began in 2011. Their experience of moving into a largely unchurched neighbourhood as a family – armed with prayer, faithful presence and intentional everyday living – is the source of many of their stories.

Singing as Discipleship: Gifts and Pitfalls – Andrew Dyck
For several decades, MB congregations have described singing primarily as “praise and worship.” In the past, however, they also sang to recall their conversions, to evangelize, to bring comfort, and to teach doctrine. This workshop will tell the stories behind these perspectives (and more) to consider how a congregation’s singing can nurture faithful discipleship.

As part of Andrew Dyck’s recent doctoral dissertation, he explored Mennonite Brethren accounts (from 1860 to the present) of encountering God in singing. Andrew is Assistant Professor of Ministry Studies for MB Seminary at Canadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg. Andrew and Martha Dyck enjoy their 3 sons, 2 daughters-in-law, and granddaughter.

Spiritual Growth through Life Journaling Rob Thiessen




The Accidental Zucchini: A Discipleship Fable about Recognizing and Cultivating Environments for Growth – Daniel Beutler
Serving on a board or team can be the best of times or the worst of times in terms of discipleship. This workshop will explore the kinds of environments that leadership boards or teams can cultivate to promote growth and transformation.

Daniel Beutler has a doctor of ministry from MB Seminary, where he focused on the role of suffering in discipleship. Before his current role as interim director of L2L (a Developing Leaders ministry of CCMBC), he served as a pastor in several denominations and director of a ministry to persecuted Christians. Daniel and his wife Maureen have two grown children who are living and working in Europe.

The 7 Core Values of Millennials Geoff Kullman

Have you noticed? Millennials (born between 1980–2000) are leaving the church at a record pace! For a pastor or church leader, it’s a frustrating and worrying trend, isn’t it? But before you can build any strategy or action plan to counteract the downward trend, you first need to understand who millennials are and how they see the world around them. So, let’s build our knowledge of the largest generation in North America!

Geoff Kullman is a pastor at an exciting, vibrant church in Metro Vancouver that’s growing across all generations, but especially with millennials. He is the founder of Millennial Consulting and creator of Millennial University, an online learning platform designed for pastors to grow their understanding of the millennial generation. Geoff and his wife have three energetic and inquisitive boys.

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